komma #21 – Grenzen

komma #21

Author: Clara Weinreich

The komma-Magazine is the platform for student work of the Faculty of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim.

Each issue is and every aspect is entirely executed by Student-Editors. The staff is in constant change and through this every issue gets its very unique theme and identity. As regards content we publish Term Papers, Course Specials as well as Bachelor- and Master Theses. Depending on the issue and theme we also publish guest art works and interviews of various Designers. Every Issue is sent to over 1000 addresses of Designers, Agencies and Bureaus in the industry.

The 21st issue of komma magazine deals with boundaries, borders and limits.

But what’s it all about? This question is way more difficult to answer than you might think at first.

Limits structure our lives—no matter if they are geographically, politically, economically, linguistically, personally or socially.

But also a designer is affected by them. On the one hand boundaries serve as an orientation, but on the other hand it is important to break them down to create something entirely new.

This issue shows visual works and focuses on various forms of limits in different areas of design, but also in our everyday lives.

The second part gives an insight into degree theses, student works, events and exhibitions of the Faculty for Design of the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim.

An inlay, which contains some interviews with different designers and studios about their experiences with borders clearly separates these two parts.

komma Magazin – Grenzen

Publisher: University of Mannheim – Design Department – komma magazin
Design: Fiona Oehler, Camilla Schröer, Maximilian Borchardt, Kerstin Sebesta, Sarah Zink, Bianca Werdan
Release: April 2018
Pages: 173
Format: 17,5 × 24,5 cm
Price: free

Orders to: [email protected]

komma #21 – Grenzen