Mondaine Wall clocks in Gold, Silver and Copper


Author: Julia Kahl

Swiss tradition meets modernity—the new Mondaine wall clocks captivate with glamorous, metallic colours and the well-known, minimalist design of the Swiss station clocks. They are contemporary and bring a timeless elegance to every room.

The Mondaine wall clocks are available in the three metallic colours gold, silver and copper and, with a diameter of 25 cm, fit perfectly on the wall. The matt brushed aluminium case and the hands are tone-in-tone. The red second hand with the red trowel is the trademark of the Official Swiss Railway Station Clock and underlines the unmistakable character of this reinterpreted classic.

Slanted will raffle a wall clock in gold, silver and copper for a total value of €657. To take part in the raffle, write an email to [email protected] by December 01, 2019, 11 a.m. (UTC+2) with the subject “Mondaine Wall Clock” and indicate which colour you would like and to which address you would like the clock to be sent if you win. After the deadline, the winners will be drawn and contacted by email. Who participates in the raffle, agrees to receive news from Slanted and accepts the privacy policy. Legal recourse is excluded. We wish you good luck!

Short information about the new models of the Mondaine Official Railway Clocks

Round aluminium housing, scratch-resistant mineral glass

Display of hour, minute and second / Analogue display

Clock face:
Round plastic dial in typical Swiss station clock design, white background, complete minute and hour hands, classic red second hand. With a diameter of 25 cm and the large white dial, the time of the analogue wall clock is easy to read.

2 years Mondaine manufacturer warranty

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