Der erste Eindruck zählt

Der erste Eindruck zählt

Volume: 160 pages
Format: 24 × 17 cm
Price: 20.00 

Der erste Eindruck zählt (“First impression counts”)! And type matters! Understanding and applying the craft of typography.

Typography is the transformation of language into writing. Typography thus gives language a form. And this form interprets texts. Regardless of whether you want it to or not. No matter whether you do it consciously or not. You can't not design in the selection and application of font. Better you know the basics of the craft of typography.
“Typesetter” used to be a profession that required training, but today, as a first-year student and aspiring design professional, you are expected to do your typesetting “on the side”. But because no one was born with this knowledge, this book is a kind of type-setting apprenticeship in fast-forward mode.
You get a feeling for letter and word spacing, you understand the correlation between line length and line spacing. Ligatures, small caps and special characters become close confidants and white space your sovereign helper in layout questions. Texts designed by you become more readable–and a pleasure to read. And thanks to a few tips and tricks, you will become more efficient and confident in handling fonts and layout.

A practical workshop on typography that is both well-founded and easy to understand! Sabrina Öttl will introduce you to the effects of type and how to use it in a competent and practical way. She will impart know-how on legibility and readability, guide you through the font jungle, sensitize you for subtle differences and provide you with selection criteria.
Cheat sheets and other little saviors in need bring efficiency and security to your everyday design work–and once sensitized, bad typography will be a thorn in your side forever ...


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


160 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

24 × 17 cm







Der erste Eindruck zählt