Frei. Selbstständig arbeiten als Designer

Frei. Selbstständig arbeiten als Designer

Volume: 338 pages
Format: 16,7 x 24,0 x 4,0 cm
Price: 45.00 

Being free - that has always been your dream and now you want to take the step into self-employment? Then here is your personal coach in book form.

You finally want to be your own boss. You have enough ideas and experience and perhaps even your first customers. You want space for what you love - and that has never been law, business and taxes. But you also don’t want to get into financial or organizational difficulties at some point.

Nicolas Uphaus guides you to the start and through a final check phase before you take the leap into self-employment. He then guides you through the actual start-up and the mountain of documents you need. Then it can start, the day-to-day organization. This is where you lay the foundations for easily manageable organization. If you create good structures here, you will later have time for what you actually want to do: which is to create.


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


338 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

16,7 x 24,0 x 4,0 cm




Embossed half-linen binding with a wrapping paper cover made from recycled nutmeg paper and a punched grip index


ISBN 978-3-87439-973-9

Frei. Selbstständig arbeiten als Designer