Grafikmagazin 02.22 – Wissenschaft & Kommunikation

Grafikmagazin 02.22 – Wissenschaft & Kommunikation

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As the name indicates, Grafikmagazin is a print magazine focusing on all things graphic design. Primarily it’s aimed at professional creatives and design students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond. Every two months, Grafikmagazin presents outstanding work from the fields of graphic design, typography, illustration, photography, design theory, research, paper and printing.

The editorial team of Grafikmagazin created a variety of sections and categories, but selects focus themes for each issue like »Wissenschaft & Kommunikation« (Science & Communication). The topics portray how imaginative, eclectic and playful many aspects of graphic design can be, while also featuring successful branding concepts and niche ideas.
In the extensive »Showroom« section, readers can get to know other creatives and the stories behind design studios from around the world. In this issue Grafikmagazin 02.21 – »Wissenschaft & Kommunikation«, graphic design icon Otl Aicher was featured amongst others.

The »Design & Research« category presents interdisciplinary projects that show how science and research can benefit from creative solutions and play an active role in graphic design. In the »Production & Publishing« section everything revolves around the topic of print. Here you will find exquisite books, sophisticated annual reports and high-quality embossed greeting cards. Also, the cover artists of each issue are interviewed or get to highlight their ideas. Each cover is printed on a different paper and the design interprets the particular Grafik+ theme in a broader way or shares a fresh perspective on an individual design technique.

The Grafikmagazin team, its correspondents and freelancers are bound and driven by the strong belief that print is not dead at all. With the will to prove just how alive it is, and the motivation to start something fresh and yet deeply traditional, they strive for nothing less than to create another print magazine that makes history.

Art Direction

Tobias Holzmann


Phoenix Verlag für Grafikdesign


Metapaper Black 300 g/qm, Metapaper Extramatt (Touch) White 130 g/qm


Duy Anh Pham


UV-Offset (Wiesendanger Medien), 4-color Offset

Special colors

Pantone Orange 021, Silver

Grafikmagazin 02.22 – Wissenschaft & Kommunikation