Hans Georg Lenzen. Mit leichter Hand

Hans Georg Lenzen. Mit leichter Hand

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Hans Georg Lenzen—he was not only a gifted draftsman, painter, author, and translator, but a passionate university teacher, too.

He was head of the Peter-Behrens-Werkkunstschule Düsseldorf from 1972 onwards, vice-dean of the department of teaching for drawing, illustration, and theory of design for the corresponding branch. As he spoke many languages he was also successful in translating novels, essays, non-fictional books and numerous books for children. All were nominated for the German Literaturpreis and received awards of the Stiftung Buchkunst.

His desire for the metaphor is made visible through the contributions and pictures in the artist’s monograph at hand. Continuous subjects were the world as a place action; e.g. social subjects in their respective complexity; the stage with both its tragic and comic characters. For Hans Georg Lenzen the focus was always put on the allegoric view, the mystery behind a picture.

The book was designed by Marie Mick as part of her M.A- thesis and supervised by Prof. Irmgard Sonnen.


Irmgard Sonnen / University of Applied Science Düsseldorf


Marie Mick

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21 × 28



Hans Georg Lenzen. Mit leichter Hand