Istanbul Special Edition Photo Essay + LP

Istanbul Special Edition Photo Essay + LP

Release: October 2014
Volume: 32 pages
Format: 31 × 31 cm
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A journey to Istanbul – documented in large-sized pictures by the photographer Christian Ernst – the city at the Bosphorus with all its faces. In addition to that, 8 music tracks from the designer and musician Yetkin Başarır, who we met on our Istanbul trip. He gained the inspiration for his music from the works featured in the Slanted issue #24—Istanbul and captured sounds of the city combined with exclusively compilated pieces for Slanted.

Photo Essay

Publisher and Design: Slanted Publishers
Photography: Christian Ernst
Size: 31 × 31 cm
Volume: 32 pages
Print: viaprinto
Specials: interlaid printing sheets with elastic bandd

LP – bul

8 Tracks
2 × 15 min
Composer: Yetkin Başarır

Sound sample



Slanted Publishers


October 2014


32 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

31 × 31 cm

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Istanbul Special Edition Photo Essay + LP