Limited Special Edition Stockholm / Bucket Hat + Magazine

Limited Special Edition Stockholm / Bucket Hat + Magazine

Release: April 2022
Price: 35.00 

On occasion of the release of Slanted Magazine #39Stockholm, we have once again teamed up with fashion brand Reell to produce a stylish bucket hat that is perfect for summer!

The Slanted × Reell Bucket Hat Ice Green is cut from a 6-wale corduroy and features a lettering of Slanted Publishers and the logo of Reell to emphasize the connection between the two parties. It is available with a circumference of 58 cm and a material composition of 90% polyester and 10% cotton. Join the slntd clb!

Slanted × Reell—A perfect fit!

Founded in 1997 with a simple idea, functional, well-designed pants, Reell is a pan-European brand on a mission to innovate. Well beyond simply being a pants specialist, their backbone remains quality products at honest prices. A passion for aesthetic and clean design makes what they are. The Reell family has grown with athletes, artists, and free spirits who manage to pursue their passion and remain true to themselves. These individuals represent who they are.

Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Brand: Reell
Release: April 2022
Material: 90% polyester and 10% cotton
Size: one size
Edition: 100 pieces

Slanted Magazine #39—Stockholm
Spring/Summer 2022

If you just think of IKEA, Greta, Abba, Sylvia, and Björn Borg or red wooden horses when you think of Sweden, you're far off. In the summer of 2021, the Slanted team travelled to Stockholm to take a close look at the contemporary design scene.

Slanted meets internationally renowned legends, including Stockholm graphic designer Björn Kusoffsky of Stockholm Design Lab, David Eriksson, founder of teenage engineering, Magnus Gustafsson, founder of Paul & friends, award winning architect Andreas Martin-Löf and graphic designer Maja Kölqvist. In its 39th issue, Slanted gathers a selection of Stockholm’s most brilliant minds and provides deep insights into their work and values in numerous video interviews, which are available online for free. Illustrations, interviews, essays, and an extensive appendix with many useful tips and an overview with the best Swedish writings complete the issue thematically.

Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Release: April 2022
Volume: 240 pages
Format: 16 × 24 × 2 cm
Language: English
Printing: Offset printing, Stober
Cardboard Cover: Invercote G, 280 g/sm by Iggesund
Paper: Holmen TRND 2.0, 80 g/sm by Holmen
Workmanship: Swiss brochure, thread stitching, fine linen lamination
ISSN: 1867-6510


Slanted Publishers




90% polyester and 10% cotton


April 2022


100 pieces

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Limited Special Edition Stockholm / Bucket Hat + Magazine