Makers Bible Crafting Cuisine

Makers Bible Crafting Cuisine

Volume: 352 pages
Format: 16 × 24
Price: 42.00 

Makers Bible Crafting Cuisine is for those who love to spend time in the kitchen, cook with hand and heart, try new things, and celebrate a consciously prepared meal in good company. This time it is for those who passionately cook and appreciate using the best handmade tools and ingredients. This book shows on 352 pages over 130 makers and crafters.

Five chapters guide the reader from the field and garden to the kitchen, where things get cut and heated, with various interesting devices, we open the pantry on all things storable, stock up the bar cabinet and finally serve and celebrate food consciously prepared, whether it’ll be simply toasted sandwiches or a five course dinner.

Foodies, connaisseurs, and gourmands—admittingly this book is not for beginners. It is rather a book for hobby chefs and hosts who like to get to the next level. And to the source: All relevant makers and crafters are accompanied by QR codes that lead the reader directly to the source, the makers’ online presence.


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Hardcover, embossed and embellished


352 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

16 × 24

Makers Bible Crafting Cuisine