Von der Subkultur zur Kulturindustrie

Von der Subkultur zur Kulturindustrie

Release: 2006
Volume: 192 pages
Format: 23 × 28,5 × 2,4 cm
Price: 15.00 

In nine analyses, Claß outlines in “Von der Subkultur zur Kulturindustrie” the theory of the “culture industry” and shows how global players adapt the protest messages and subversion strategies of critics and integrate them into their advertising in the sense of an ironically self-referential “anti-marketing”: from revolution to aesthetic subversion. While the Situationists still put Marx quotes into the mouths of advertising girls as a subversion strategy, Che Guevara has long since become a pop idol. Baader-Meinhof has become Prada-Meinhof, Nike advertises with street art, and Diesel uses historical images in ironic campaigns for successful living. “Von der Subkultur zur Kulturindustrie” has been recognized by the Stiftung Buchkunst in 2006.

Jörg-Steffen Claß, born in 1976, Merz Akademie graduate 2004, is founder and managing director of designdealer/agentur für kommunikation in Stuttgart.

“A wonderfully transversely conceived and visually non-streamlined designed book. Outstanding.” Uta Schneider, director of the Stiftung Buchkunst.


Merz Akademie

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23 × 28,5 × 2,4 cm


192 pages







Von der Subkultur zur Kulturindustrie