nomad 13—optimism

nomad 13—optimism

Volume: 216 pages
Format: 23 × 26 × 1.7
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This issue focuses on the silver linings on the horizon of the paradigm shift—as the publishers seek to identify its indicators, trace its background, and anticipate its implications: nomad 13. They ask themselves where these changes will take them, and talk to those who are addressing future issues on a daily basis and envisioning solutions for the long run: architects, designers, artists, scientists. Amongst them: Bjarke Ingels with ‘Plan for the Planet,’ Anab Jain and Jon Ardern from London design studio Superflux, architect and mayor Përparim Rama, Amy Franceschini on modesty and wisdom as part of the solution, Courtenay Smith on ‘houses that can save the world,’ and many more interviews and thoughts that spark optimism and illuminate people’s view into the future.


216 pages

Publisher gmbh


Veronika Kinczli und Frank Wagner, gmbh



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23 × 26 × 1.7



nomad 13—optimism