nomad #2 – where to go?

nomad #2 – where to go?

Release: November 2016
Volume: 180 pages
Format: 23 × 26 × 1,7 cm
Price: 14.00 

With an international perspective and great openness in terms of content, the second issue of the independent magazine “nomad” also takes a look at socially relevant and future-shaping design topics in the field of tension between design, politics, society, business and lifestyle. On 180 pages, “nomad” takes a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to investigating the future potential of a new design culture for the individual and for society, opens up new perspectives and approaches, and seeks answers to the questions of our time. “What do people take upon themselves to find the chance for a future worth living?”

The search for Yonas, an Eritrean refugee in Sudan, leads photographer Matthias Ziegler and journalist and book author Michael Obert to Khartoum, the central hub for refugees from all over Africa. “nomad” gained insight into their travel notes: five selected portraits paradigmatically show the fate of people on the run. The photographer and artist Wolfgang Tillmans, who lives in Berlin and London, formulated a personal plea against Brexit with his EU campaign and provides insights into his diary entries written during the Brexit vote.

“Political Youth” is a long-term project by Scottish photographer Robert Ormerod in which he portrayed young Scottish politicians, and in Vienna “nomad” spoke with Ben Knapp of Saffron Brand Consultants about the topic of nation branding. B Corporations are companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Ryanb Honeyman, author of “The B Corp Handbook,” discusses the growing global B Corp movement in the “nomad” topic of business and explains what's behind the question “How to use business as a force for good?” With a strategy consistently focused on craftsmanship, design and sustainability, Nicola and Oliver Stattmann founded a successful design company that goes its own way beyond the usual rules of the industry. And the unconventional Munich fashion label “A Kind of Guise,” which has its collections manufactured exclusively in Germany, also does a lot of things differently than other fashion houses.

Publisher gmbh


Veronika Kinczli und Frank Wagner, gmbh


180 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

23 × 26 × 1,7 cm


English, German


November 2016

nomad #2 – where to go?