Blumen sind geil

Blumen sind geil

Volume: 124 pages
Format: 14 × 21 cm
Price: 25.00 

Say it through the flower–who last said it in all seriousness? The language of flowers seems to be a final code of civilizing innocence. Why outsource feelings to plants? How to outsource our doubts to words? Flowers are out, soon we will need them again. They are remnants of a colorful nature and irritate with their reproductive openness. They are products of globalized trade and are everywhere where people celebrate, praise, seduce, and mourn. Which flowers are suitable for divorce? Which wreath do we wish to place on our own grave?

Flowers are beautiful–and simple: explosions in slow motion, and cut flowers continue to grow in the vase. Flowers are cool (“Blumen sind geil”) because they accompany our cultural codes. They traditionally convey very specific meanings according to the language of flowers. In the book “Blumen sind geil”, literary short texts come together with a photographic image series of stagings that complement, disturb and distort each other. A pretty-unheard book.


The Green Box


Anja Lutz // Art Books

Format in cm (w × h × d)

14 × 21 cm


124 pages





Blumen sind geil