Collector’s Item: Slanted Magazin #8 – 2d3d. 4.

Collector’s Item: Slanted Magazin #8 – 2d3d. 4.

Release: Summer 2009
Volume: 196 pages
Format: 21 × 27 cm
Price: 29.00 

“2d3d” deals with a step-up of dimensions – from linearity to space – and everything in between. More than ever Slanted Magazine even crosses geographical borders, present ing works from Edhv (Eindho ven), Klein Dytham architecture (Tokyo), Pixelgarten (Frankfurt), Maxime Buechi (Lausanne), Ina Saltz (New York), Erwin K. Bauer (Vienna), Sangho Park (Stuttgart) and many others. The s ections “Fontlabels, Fo n ts & Families”, “Fontnames Illustrated ” and “Typolyrics” introduce contemporary fonts and designers from all over the world, followed by interviews with Sabrina Tibourtine, Christoph Dunst, Sipho Mabona, Gemma O’Brien and Mr. David Carson.

Besides a portrait “Buchstabenmuseum Berlin”, the Slanted Magazine introduces numerous 2d3d-works of professionals and students (Ebon Heath, Yulia Brodskaya, pleaseletmedesign, MWM Graphics, etc.).

The chapter introduction pages are decorated with Hubert Jocham’s headline-font “NeoDepth S8”, exclusively created for this issue. Our readers can download this brand new typeface for free. As the previous issue #7, the cover is wrapped with a poster – the second one of a series of four. By end of the year, the aligned posters will create a sentence. “PORN” was the first word, followed now by “4” ... because we believe, that after a step-up of dimensions from 2d to 3d – “4” should follow!


MAGMA Brand Design


Summer 2009


196 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

21 × 27 cm

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Collector’s Item: Slanted Magazin #8 – 2d3d. 4.