Release: September 2018
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We work to earn money. We work to realize ourselves to be successful and tell our parents about professions that they do not understand, that are modern and abstract. Nothing seems to change faster than our work and with it the working conditions. And yet, in many professions, women still earn less than men. At the same time, the discussions about the unconditional basic income are getting bigger and we ask ourselves: would I go about my job if I had financial security?

In the current issue of the illustration magazine SPRING, 13 draughtsmen in comics, illustrations and texts give very personal insights into the relationship between the world of work and identity. They tell about the balancing act between family and professional life, report on an animal factory and explore the history of work. At times, they make this really very real topic magical, then again it's about exploitation, burnout and the rights of female workers. And we realize that in a society that trims itself to maximum work, another thing is just as important - to have a rest in between.

SPRING was founded in 2004 in Hamburg. Since then, every summer a new volume of the anthology is published, which combines the different works from the fields of comics, illustration and free drawing into one topic each. Since the beginning, the group consists exclusively of women and has become a solid and important network for female draughtsmen in Germany.


mairisch Verlag


Birgit Weyhe, Carolin Löbbert, Doris Freigofas, Friederike Hantel, Jul Gordon, Katharina Gschwendtner, Katrin Stangl, Larissa Bertonasco, moki, Nina Pagalies, Paula Partzsch, Romy Blümel, Stephanie Wunderlich


September 2018


English, German