Tina Haber—“Schlossbesuch”

Tina Haber—“Schlossbesuch”

Volume: 32 pages
Format: 15 × 21
Price: 18.00 

Experimenting with the drawing possibilities of a tablet screen, Tina Haber finds a different approach to the painterly process of creating an image. The arrangement and layering of transparent markings or text fields brings forth abstract structures that may evoke architectures, landscapes, or even figures. Some areas appear shadowed; others seem superimposed. A vague spatiality emerges.
In Schlossbesuch Haber shows a selection of vector graphics from the years 2020–2022; the abstract spaces and objects depicted appear permeable and almost weightless. During this period, the artist visited her father’s birthplace for the first time, a village near the Czech-German border, and its castle, Zámek Cervený Hrádek (Rothenhaus Castle), where her grandfather worked before being drafted to serve in the Second World War. The artist could easily recognize some parts of the building that were known to her from old family photos. Thus, a foreign place reveals its fragmentary connection to her personal history. The titles of the drawings are a list of components for a building—Ramp 1, Walls 14, Relief 3, Passage 2—and the changing color saturation of the risoprints reinforces the impression of a fictitious architecture, or one from a memory or dream.


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32 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

15 × 21




Thread stitching


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Tina Haber—“Schlossbesuch”