Release: 07/2024
Volume: 528 pages
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This psychological, almost therapeutic artist-photobook reveals lesser-known connections between creatively inclined individuals in working-class societies, addiction problems, and mental illness. Tino Zimmermann, a member of the milieu he photographs, makes his case through images from his personal archive. These photographs emerged when he accidentally discovered photography as a means of self-therapy after discharging himself from a psychiatric clinic during a drug-induced schizophrenic episode.

The book offers an intricately composed, chronological narrative of six years, presenting the argument that a lack of societal acceptance for young, creatively inclined individuals leads to a range of well-known, potentially preventable problems and hardships. Another point of focus is the topic of depression—the most prevalent and debilitating mental condition in many developed countries, which despite its epidemic status remains heavily stigmatized and insufficiently discussed.

Solely designed by the artist himself, this is a book for photo and artist-book enthusiasts. According to Zimmermann, it is a work not only to raise awareness and to help de-stigmatize common patterns, but ultimately a work that will resonate the most with other neurodivergent people, who are probably going to find these tellings relatable. 2019, an early prototype edition of Developments was awarded the German Photobook Award.


Tino Zimmermann

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23 x 31,5 x 5




528 pages

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