Typeviews – Interview Kompendium

Release: October 2009, 2. Edition, January 2010
Volume: 322 pages
Format: 15.5 × 21 cm
Price: 19.95 

To learn more about the creators and their work, directly and first hand, Slanted has conducted over 100 interviews since 2004 and has published them in the magazines and on the weblog. Typeviews brings together 61 of the most interesting interviews in a compendium and makes clear the development of the design in all its areas of tension. With this publication, Slanted closes the gap to the first five out of print editions of the magazine.

With interviews by Ruedi Baur, Ed Benguiat, Maxime Buechi, Destruct office, Leslie Cabarga, John Collins, Eikes graphic Hort, April Greiman, Fons Hickmann, Christoph Keller, Jeremy Leslie, Mario Lombardo, Jan Middendorp, Horst Moser, Jean Francois Porchez, Raban Ruddigkeit, Stefan Sagmeister, Erik Spiekermann, Hansjörg Stulle, Dirk Uhlenbrock, Vier5, Kurt Weidemann, Cornel Windlin and many more


MAGMA Brand Design


October 2009, 2. Edition, January 2010


322 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

15.5 × 21 cm


English, German



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