Von der Idee zur Graphic Novel

Von der Idee zur Graphic Novel

Volume: 256 pp.
Format: 19 × 28.5 cm
Price: 42.00 

You want to create comics or graphic novels yourself and are looking for an introduction to graphic storytelling? Dieter Jüdt introduces you step by step to the conception and composition of graphic novels: from structure and storyboard to visual language and image composition to artwork and the search for your own graphic sound.

The experienced draughtsman and lecturer will accompany you all the way to the finished publication. You will learn how to deal with suspense and cliffhangers, as well as how to eye tracking and image composition. You will become familiar with the variety of drawing and painting styles and forms of expression. You will create camera movements with the pencil in your own rhythm and style. You decide more confidently which typeface, which lettering fits the content and and form of your graphic novel and how your cover can arouse curiosity and and sets the mood for the content.

Whether alone or in tandem with a draughtsman and a copywriter—don’t do it like Pablo Picasso, who regretted only one thing at the end of his life: not having drawn comics.


Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Format in cm (w × h × d)

19 × 28.5 cm


256 pp.


Hardcover half-binding with luminous soft touch plike and hot foil stamping



Von der Idee zur Graphic Novel