Author: Julia Kahl

When an online printing company like FLYERALARM suddenly publishes its own magazine, you first think of a presentation of its own portfolio, machinery or special offers – I was very positively surprised when I browsed through the 192-page publication and read it in.

With interesting stories and interviews, the RINDERMARKT magazine unfolds the panorama of a lively, livable and extremely versatile city: Munich. Personalities from the cultural, business and leisure life of the city have their say and provide exciting insights – into their work, into their lives and into the pulse of a city that likes to cultivate its own charm and character.

The singer-songwriter, actor and poet Konstantin Wecker talks in an interview about the courage to freedom, the photographer Heinz Gebhardt brings back the late 60s and early 70s with his pictures, when Munich has finally become a big city. Fashion designer Sarah Kaldewey, on the other hand, takes it personally and says: “Quality will never be just a short-lived trend.” More than 50 insider tips with useful and good addresses for going out, enjoying, relaxing and staying overnight round off the whole thing.

“With the new magazine, we want to put a city in the limelight where everything is relaxed instead of slow, fashionable instead of different and traditional instead of traditional,” says Rolf Dittrich, press spokesman for FLYERALARM.

And the name? FLYERALARM has been present in Munich for a few months now with an exclusive lounge for its customers. The address: Rindermarkt 16 – formerly a marketplace for livestock and now a shopping street, right in the heart of Munich.

With the RINDERMARKT magazine, FLYERALARM Media presents its new division, which was established last year: Here, customer and employee magazines as well as other corporate publications are created from a single source – research, text, photography, layout, and printing.

In addition to direct mailing to business customers, RINDERMARKT München will also be on display at selected partners and customers as well as in the new FLYERALARM Lounge at Rindermarkt 16. More information here.


Publisher: Thorsten Fischer, FLYERALARM Media
Art Direction: Eva von Tsurikov
Edition: 2,500 pieces
Publication cycle: up to four times a year.
Format: DIN A4
Language: German
Binding: PUR adhesive binding
Color: CMYK
Refinement: scratch-resistant matt film with partial relief varnish
Paper: 300g Multiart-Silk cover, 115g Circleoffset White

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