The Templates

The Brand Identity × Maurice Másson

Author: Slanted editors

THE TEMPLATES is a collection of customisable imagery created to showcase artwork in a realistic environment. The project is a close and ongoing collaboration between Maurice Másson and The Brand Identity. Maurice Másson is a German art director operating across mediums within Art and Industry. The Brand Identity is a resource for the creativity community, sharing contemporary design works online, this time also being involved in creation and distribution. The collaboration was born out of a shared desire to offer a new take on photographic mockups that feel both curated and like on-the-fly photography that just happen to contain a poster frame or shop sign.

The first drop consists of 20 templates and includes billboards, posters and signs, and are available individually, in a package by type, or as a complete collection. The collaboration will continue to grow, with future additions set to include flags, shop windows and stationery.

Further information at the The Brand Identity shop.

Typeface used: FK Screamer by Florian Karsten

slanted-veröffentlichung-the-templates-2019-01 slanted-veröffentlichung-the-templates-2019-02 slanted-veröffentlichung-the-templates-2019-03 slanted-veröffentlichung-the-templates-2019-04 slanted-veröffentlichung-the-templates-2019-05 slanted-veröffentlichung-the-templates-2019-06 slanted-veröffentlichung-the-templates-2019-07 slanted-veröffentlichung-the-templates-2019-09