Referenz Grotesk

A typeface full of references
Referenz Grotesk by the Typographic Research Lab Open2Type is a contemporary typeface full of references referring to the type design history of…

Animated Alphabet of Variable Fonts

by 36 Designers Curated by
If you’re interested in variable fonts, that are fun to play with, hop over to to find an Animated Alphabet of…


by Antipixel
Dingos is a display & joyful typeface specially handcrafted for strong and powerful usage, with a versatile touch. It was designed by…

Living in the Community

New brand image for a nonprofit organization that celebrates inclusion and diversity
The In der Gemeinde leben gGmbH (English: Living in the Community) also known as IGL, advises and supports people with disabilities wherever…


Vergleich von ausgewählten serifenlosen Schriften der letzten zwanzig Jahre
“20+1. Ein Vergleich von ausgewählten serifenlosen Schriften der letzten zwanzig Jahre.” is a study that was produced as part of the “Jahreskurs…

Typeface of the Month: Forever Grotesk

By Nouvelle Noire
We are presenting our Typeface of the Month: Forever Grotesk by Nouvelle Noire, their contribution to the category of Swiss Grotesque typefaces.…


A Participative and Open Source Typeface Project
Synco lettershape, based on OCR, pays homage to Viafont, 1969, by Harry L. Preble for viatron, a producer of OCR machines. It…

Das ABC der Typografie

Fundamentals, Definitions, Practical Application
Natalie Gaspar & Patrick Marc Sommer wrote and designed Das ABC der Typografie —a comprehensive reference book on typography basics with application…

Your Typeface

Design a typeface with your actual face!
Your Typeface is a variable typeface experiment that enables you to design a typeface from the proportions and forced emotion of your…

Visual Identity for Tobia Scarpa’s exhibition

at Paradisoterrestre
The Italian graphic designers Giulia Bardelli and Andrea Guccini created the typographic system and visual identity for Tobia Scarpa’s exhibition “Dall’arte della…

This Way!

Type Specimen and Exhibition Guide
This Way! As a type foundry, threedotstype is obsessed with arrows—all their fonts contain additional sets of navigation symbols. This inspired them…

Technology and Research in Art and Design

At ECAL / University of Art and Design Lausanne
The book Technology and Research in Art and Design reports on the latest research projects at ECAL / University of Art and…


by Lukas Haider & Alexander Raffl
UNKNOWN is a free contemporary display typeface designed by Lukas Haider & Alexander Raffl. It consists of three styles: RND, PX, and…


By Rosetta Type Foundry
Adelphi was conceived in 2012, at a time when when the UK was enjoying something of a cultural renaissance, following the London…

Typeface of the Month: Game Time

All passion and frenzied heads blasting flecks of au jus into the faces of the temporally confused because it’s our Typeface of…

Bedow Head and Bedow Hand

by Bedow and Kanon Foundry
Design studio Bedow turns 15 years this month and is celebrating with two new typefaces: Bedow Head and Bedow Hand interpret the…

May, The Victory Font

by RT and Contrast Foundry
Berlin, May 1945. Victorious soldiers leave inscriptions on the Reichstag walls. Today most of these inscriptions can be seen only in photo…

New Kansas

100 Year Celebration of Cooper
To celebrate the centennial of Cooper Black, one of the world’s most famous and best loved typefaces, Newlyn releases the first refresh…

26. Leipziger Typotage

Turn by turn. Typography and navigation
On Saturday, April 25th, 2020, the 26. Leipziger Typotage will focus on typography as a medium for orientation in digital and analog…

Adapter World

By Rosetta Type Foundry
Adapter World is a design program involving an international team of designers and consultants who work with Rosetta Type Foundry to provide…

Typotable No.5

Lettering meets Lettering
Typotable No.5 —Lettering meets Lettering is part of the independent lecture series Typotable, where current type design and typography positions are shown…

Berlin Letters Festival 2020

Lectures & Workshops
Berlin Letters Festival 2020 is a festival for lettering, type design, calligraphy and sign painting. Three days of inspiration, fun and skill…
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