Visual Coexistence

Informationdesign and Typography in the Intercultural Field
In Visual Coexistence Ruedi Baur and his research team analyze visual graphics from different cultures and identify their specific principles of depiction.…


by 205TF
Thelo is a type family that emerged from a consideration of the publishing conditions in the digital era. Designed by Tassiana Nuñez…

Slanted in Rhineland-Palatinate: Gutenberg-Museum Mainz

Slanted Special Issue Rhineland-Palatinate
Our new Slanted Special Issue Rhineland-Palatinate deals with regional design as well as arts and crafts. The German federal state has a…

Absolute Egypt

Visual Culture of Egypt
Absolute Egypt book is a documentation of the local visual culture through the lens of graphic design in the local older areas…


by Floodfonts
Arpona is a typeface for anyone who prefers to stand out from the crowd, than to go with the flow. It comes…

Universal Specimen

Multilingual typesetting tool
Universal Specimen is a new tool for previewing and evaluating fonts in multiple languages. It helps designers preview and evaluate their fonts…


Exhibition at Buchstabenmuseum Berlin
At the top, the S-Bahn roaring to its next stop at Bellevue station, below the high vaulted ceilings draw visitors to the…


by Font Renegade
Deus is when type design is brought to extreme. It tries to answer the question whether you can design all glyphs in one…

Gruppo Due

A collaborative type foundry with a special interest in stones
Gruppo Due is a type design platform and foundry offering retail typefaces, alongside bespoke designs resulting from a close collaboration with a…

Right Grotesk

Pangram Pangram
Right Grotesk blends the neutrality and functionality of workhorses with a good touch of distinctive personality. Featuring many fine details, smooth curves,…


P22 Type Foundry
Tuscaloosa is a hybrid script that includes Tuscan (bifurcated) serif treatments. The design of Tuscaloosa began as a set of organically-formed initials,…

Lumix Festival

Young Visual Journalism
The Lumix Festival presents young, socially committed photojournalism of the 21st century, which actively deals with political, cultural, social, ecological, and technological…

Kommune Family is growing

by Laic: Type Foundry
The Kommune family is inspired by the vernacular shop- and promotion letterings of Burkina Faso. Originally Verena Gerlach designed it as a…

Support Independent Type by Marian Misiak

Slanted × Kickstarter
Nine selected book projects from the first Slanted × Kickstarter Mentoring & Publishing Program are live and ready to be funded. We…

Typeface of the Month: Slandic

By Vibrant Types
We are presenting our Typeface of the Month: Slandic by the German typeface designer Philip Lammert and published by his recently founded…

Referenz Grotesk

A typeface full of references
Referenz Grotesk by the Typographic Research Lab Open2Type is a contemporary typeface full of references referring to the type design history of…

Animated Alphabet of Variable Fonts

by 36 Designers Curated by
If you’re interested in variable fonts, that are fun to play with, hop over to to find an Animated Alphabet of…


by Antipixel
Dingos is a display & joyful typeface specially handcrafted for strong and powerful usage, with a versatile touch. It was designed by…

Living in the Community

New brand image for a nonprofit organization that celebrates inclusion and diversity
The In der Gemeinde leben gGmbH (English: Living in the Community) also known as IGL, advises and supports people with disabilities wherever…


Vergleich von ausgewählten serifenlosen Schriften der letzten zwanzig Jahre
“20+1. Ein Vergleich von ausgewählten serifenlosen Schriften der letzten zwanzig Jahre.” is a study that was produced as part of the “Jahreskurs…

Typeface of the Month: Forever Grotesk

By Nouvelle Noire
We are presenting our Typeface of the Month: Forever Grotesk by Nouvelle Noire, their contribution to the category of Swiss Grotesque typefaces.…


A Participative and Open Source Typeface Project
Synco lettershape, based on OCR, pays homage to Viafont, 1969, by Harry L. Preble for viatron, a producer of OCR machines. It…

Das ABC der Typografie

Fundamentals, Definitions, Practical Application
Natalie Gaspar & Patrick Marc Sommer wrote and designed Das ABC der Typografie —a comprehensive reference book on typography basics with application…
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