Vrij Beton

Vrij Beton

Collective Ownership in Amsterdam

Author: Amsterdam Alternative

The intruiging Vrij Beton — Collective Ownership in Amsterdam campaign from Amsterdam Alternative (AA) is now online and on the streets:

Together with design agency 310k and the financial support of Stichting DOEN Amsterdam Alternative (AA) has just launched a campaign to promote the Vrij Beton (Engl.: Free Concrete) project. A project that aims to liberate real estate from the market and turn it into collective property. To offer permanent spaces for “experiments and projects that do not fit the commercial world as they aren’t profit driven.” Combing living, working, education, and public functions under a single roof. Spaces where “art and culture are not necessarily the main focus, but social, political and social activities have a place too.”

Vrij Beton borrows from projects that emerged from the squatter scene. However, it is important to recognize that our initiative is not simply a replacement for what is not officially allowed anymore. The past was beautiful, but the world and the law have changed. We have to accept that, change is inevitable and not negative per se. Vrij Beton is a new energy, a movement that everyone can join. Together, we take action for new free spaces in the city.” — Amsterdam Alternative

Amsterdam Alternative is a collective project, an association built on the strength, energy, and dedication of its members. An organization like AA cannot exist without people who want to help, think along and/or provide financial support. AA is an association with a horizontal organizational structure. They think it is important that people who join AA can take part in the collective thought and decision making process. That’s exactly where the strength of collectivity lies. By being a member you get the opportunity to cast your vote, both at meetings and via the online voting system.

Vrij Beton — Collective Ownership in Amsterdam

Concept, Editing, and Design: 310k
Photography: Leon Hendrickx
Video: Copyride
Color grading: Gary Grade
Sound: Peter Rutten
Voice over: Lilan Hak
Photography and Set Design: Framer Framed
Watch their promo video, read more, donate or become a member

The campaign has been created by friends and supporters of Amsterdam Alternative and the Vrij Beton project.

Vrij Beton

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