Walz-Stipendium 2020—Scholarship

Verein für die Schwarze Kunst Dresden e.V.

Author: Slanted editors

In 2018, the Verein für die Schwarze Kunst Dresden e.V. announced a “Walz-Stipendium” (a typesetting scholarship) for the first time. The aim of the association is to preserve and promote the craftsmanship and traditional professions of typesetter and printer and to support the transfer of knowledge to future generations. The association is committed to providing young people in the relevant professions or during their studies with access to traditional printing workshops in order to achieve a deeper understanding of writing and typography through the practical use of the comprehensible, three-dimensional medium.

Now, under the slogan “Handsatz und Buchdruck wandernd lernen—Walz für Handsatz und Buchdruck 2020” (Learning handset and printing by traveling—letterpress and book printing 2020,) the association is awarding ten “Travels” for two months each in changing workshops. Of these, five are reserved as scholarships for participants under the age of 30, which the association supports with 1,000.– Euros each.

The association can provide typesetters and printers for teaching in schools where lead typesetting and printing presses are still available. Finally, it is also possible for the association to support students’ semester works or final theses with specialist knowledge, workplaces in the workshops of the association members or possibly financially.

With the scholarship, the Verein für die Schwarze Kunst Dresden e.V. enables friends of artistic trades to learn the basics of letterpress printing in up to 17 different workshops and to implement their own projects. The deadline for applications is October 10th, 2019. If a sufficient number of participants have not yet been selected, further applications will be accepted without a time limit.

Further information on the call and details on the participating workshops can be found here.

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