Limited Helsinki Special Edition / Notebook + Poster

Limited Helsinki Special Edition / Notebook + Poster

Release: May 2017
Volume: 96 pages with 8-page cover
Format: 16 × 24 cm + 35 × 52.5 cm
Price: 19.00 

Accompanying the release of Slanted Magazine #29 – Helsinki, a limited special edition is available exclusively in the Slanted shop. The special edition contains a folded “HELSINKI” poster which is letterpress printed by Swiss designer Dafi Kühne, a 96-pages notebook, that comes with the custom typeface Suomi Primeval for free use, and the 100for10 book project “so different, so similar” by Helsinki visual artist Aleksi “xbstrxct” Koivusalo, which will be included on top for the first 40 orders. Get excited!


Dafi Kühne is a Swiss designer who works with analog and digital approaches to produce fresh and unique letterpress-printed posters. By using different kinds of techniques – from hand cut linoleum, and traditional plastic poster type, to pantograph cut new wood type and traditional metal type – for his HELSINKI composition, he pushes the boundaries of contemporary poster design. Never afraid of getting his hands dirty in his creative workshop, Dafi Kühne embraces the labor involved in the entire process of creating a poster from initial idea to finished product.

Designer: Dafi Kühne
Size: 35 × 52,5 cm
Paper: Recystar 100 g/sm
Production: 4 print runs, hand cut linoleum, traditional plastic poster type, pantograph cut new wood type and traditional metal type

Notebook with custom typeface Suomi Primeval

Katharina Sellier was inspired by the design classics of Finnish designer Eero Aarnio and created a custom typeface that echoes his joyful design spirit. It’s a fun typeface that plays with the bulbous forms and whimsical curves of Aarnio’s revolutionary high-quality plastic furniture. The font file can be downloaded via a QR-Code in the notebook and used for free!

Typeface design: Katharina Sellier
Volume: 96 pages, 8 pages folded cover
Size: 16 × 24 cm
Print: Stober

Paper: Holmen TRND 1.6 × volume, 70 g/qm
Cardboard: WestRock, FoldCraft, 283 g/qm
Print: Offset with spot color
Binding: staple binding

Awarded with German Design Award.

Slanted Publishers


May 2017


250 pieces


96 pages with 8-page cover

Format in cm (w × h × d)

16 × 24 cm + 35 × 52.5 cm

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Limited Helsinki Special Edition / Notebook + Poster