Nice r’ss – R-rated material

Release: August 2016
Volume: 768 pages
Format: 10.5 × 14.8 × 4 cm
Price: 16.50 

What is the link between e-mobility, the Belgium national football team and Google fonts?
Someone, no matter where you are, is telling you that it is getting better and better. Car-to-go, the “European Championship” and a whole bunch of websites are proving, that this may not be that wrong.

One of us doesn't own a driver license and the other one can't part a goal from offside—but, bound to career choices, we should be able to determine, if this free-of-charge savior of webdesign  dominates printed Media the same way as Joe Hard dominates the penalty box. Because anyone certainly is dropping the “lets also do some flyers and posters, which supports the Digital Content Bomb”. For sure!

Through a weird passion for underrated letters we are looking for small r's first when its about typography. So we made this book, filled up with Google font “r's” plus font descriptions provided by the designers. All regular, all in 10 pt with 12 pt line spacing. It is R-rated Material for the generation when-i'm-not-an-intern-anymore-I-want-to-buy-me-an-e-smart-but-my-salary-of-100-bucks-per-flyer-barely-is-enough-for-the-DB-bike-rental-fee.






August 2016


768 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

10.5 × 14.8 × 4 cm





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