Reportagen Band #53

Reportagen Band #53

Release: June 2020
Volume: 128 pages
Format: 16.5 × 23 cm
Price: 15.00 

Reportagen send the best authors around the globe. For stories that stay.

In this issue, from the contents in brief:

  • Grounding. From Shanghai via Athens to Buenos Aires: A kaleidoscope of standstill. By 40 reporters* from 29 countries.
  • Threatened or threatening. Botswana's elephants inspire tourists. But not all locals. By Christina Karrer.
  • City above the fire. Under Centralia it has been burning for sixty years. Visiting the last inhabitants. By Alexander Krex.
  • His last gift. How an orderly in an operating room experiences a multi-organ removal. From Christian Wittmann.
  • Five times work. Street vendor, influencer or packer at Amazon: How our relationship to work is changing. By Vauhini Vara.
  • The historical reportage: Sulawesi, 1988. By Nigel Barley.

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16.5 × 23 cm


128 pages




June 2020



Reportagen Band #53