zweitausend&zweiundzwanzig – A1 Wall Calendar 2022 – White Black Gold

Volume: one poster
Format: 84.1 × 59.4 cm
Price: 25.00 

The zweitausend&zweiundzwanzig - Wall Calendar 2021 shows you the whole year at a glance, with plenty of space for all appointments, vacations, appointments, birthdays, and whatever else is coming up.
The calendar is a 3-color screenprint: white printing, a specialty of screen printing, for the weekends. Black as the primary color for the days of the week, and gold as the accent color for the detailed entries. It was printed on Kaskad Sparrow Grey in 160g, a fine, dyed-through paper.
The calendar shows the calendar weeks as well as all German bank holidays. Furthermore, the public holidays of the individual federal states are marked accordingly. The school holidays for each federal state are at the bottom. Also, you will never again miss setting the time forwards or backward or the phases of the moon. You can see when summer or winter begins, and in hot August, you know precisely: these are the dog days of summer.
The calendar comes rolled in a stylish black tube.



Format in cm (w × h × d)

84.1 × 59.4 cm


one poster




3-color screenprint