Design Cards Bundle

Design Cards Bundle

Format: 23 × 33
Price: 185.00 

Style Cards Vol.1
You’ll discover designs from fashion, branding, print, photography, art, film, and other creative disciplines. Expand your horizons. Save lots of research time.

Curated Themes: 
– Minimal
– Vintage
– Classic
– Ethnic Bohemian
– High Tech
– Natural
– Feminine
– Luxurious
– Metropolitan Hip
– Colorful & Bright

Style Cards Vol.2
It features the world’s most interesting works across visual disciplines curated into themes that shape our visual culture. Think of it as a trend-book in the form of cards.

Curated Themes 
– Crypto Techno
– Dreamy Geometry
– Future is Now
– Monochrome
– Nature Calling
– Vintage Modern
– Neon Gradient
– Happy Pop
– Bold Play
– Speakeasy

Word Cards
This collection of ideation cards enables you to define the components of a brand’s personality: brand archetype, tone of voice, personality traits, and style.

What’s Included?
• 12 Brand Archetype Cards
• 40 Tone of Voice Cards
• 40 Brand Personality Cards
• 37 Style Characteristics Cards

Create your own style
Mix and match the styles with word cards to create your own moodboard for your design project. Add even more play to your work!



Format in cm (w × h × d)

23 × 33

Design Cards Bundle