Meltdown Flags

Visualizing Global Glacier Retreat
Meltdown Flags is a climate data initiative that visualizes the effects of global glacier retreat by reducing the amount of white in…

C/O VIENNA Magazine

“SMELLS LIKE CHEWING GUM”—The C/O VIENNA Magazine Beauty issue is full of interviews, reports, stories, photo and art works by internationally known…

Animated Alphabet of Variable Fonts

by 36 Designers Curated by
If you’re interested in variable fonts, that are fun to play with, hop over to to find an Animated Alphabet of…

Stay At Home Print Club

Riso prints for a good cause
Wouldn’t it be great to collectively be creative in times of isolation? To work on, share and enjoy printed goods? The Stay…


by Antipixel
Dingos is a display & joyful typeface specially handcrafted for strong and powerful usage, with a versatile touch. It was designed by…

Auslöser Magazine Issue 3

The Auslöser Magazine Issue 3 features Interviews with Paul Albert Leitner, Nadia Morozewicz, Daniel Chatard, and Katrin Koenning, a behind the scenes…

[email protected]

Hand-drawn animation charity initiative
[email protected] is a joint effort to form an impromptu community of stay-at-homes in times of global pandemics. Initiators of the project are…

Living in the Community

New brand image for a nonprofit organization that celebrates inclusion and diversity
The In der Gemeinde leben gGmbH (English: Living in the Community) also known as IGL, advises and supports people with disabilities wherever…

KLEBSTOFF Stickermags

#10, #11 and #12
KLEBSTOFF Stickermags #10 KLEBSTOFF will never stop collecting their favorite sticker artists all together in one magazine ... like this one. Since…

Designpreis Rheinland-Pfalz 2020

Communication and Media Design Competition
Since May 1st, projects from the fields of communication design and media design can be submitted to this year’s competition Designpreis Rheinland-Pfalz…


komma#24 revolves around the topic of censorship. Information supervision and surveillance through the government, self-censorship, societal pressure and freedom of opinion. On…

Democratize Creativity

by Denisse Ariana Pérez
The world cannot be divided into creative and uncreative people. This is a fallacy that is being spread by a self-proclaimed “elite”…


Bookazine about women in graphic design
INNEN is the Bachelor thesis of graphic designer Laura Pauline Bockel at Münster School of Design. It is dedicated to women in…

Slanted Magazine #35—L.A.

Spring / Summer 2020
Los Angeles is the opposite of our old metropolises. The sprawling multi-dimensionality is alien, and for many, gets on our nerves: the…


Limited Magazine Edition
The graphic design studio OOOZ Club and graphic designer Tanja Geltsch designed the Magazin NO PROBLEM with works from BAM Photographers. Shot…


Vergleich von ausgewählten serifenlosen Schriften der letzten zwanzig Jahre
“20+1. Ein Vergleich von ausgewählten serifenlosen Schriften der letzten zwanzig Jahre.” is a study that was produced as part of the “Jahreskurs…

Typeface of the Month: Forever Grotesk

By Nouvelle Noire
We are presenting our Typeface of the Month: Forever Grotesk by Nouvelle Noire, their contribution to the category of Swiss Grotesque typefaces.…

Guidelines and Standards for Visual Design

by Otl Aicher
Less than a quarter of a century after the end of National Socialism, Otl Aicher was commissioned to design the “cheerful” XX.…
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